While Samsung and Microsoft have been patenting foldable devices for the best part of the last year, several other companies have started exploring the segment. Among them there’s Huawei, feeling bolder than ever and prepared to launch “the world’s first foldable phone” this November. I expect an IFA 2018 unveiling.

Huawei is no stranger to experiments, having debuted the concept phone Huawei Honor Magic with curved panels and ultra narrow bezels many moons ago. They haven’t yet experimented with foldables, unlike LG, which had two flexible phones under its belt. ZTE Axon has gotten closest to the definition of such a device.

Word through the grapevine says that Huawei is gunning for a November release of its foldable phone. Last we heard Samsung also had it ready for debut, but only in Q1 2019, at the earliest. Apple is also rumored to be working on prototypes, while Microsoft’s Andromeda project is long overdue. Huawei’s version of the foldable machine is said to be inward folding, since the outward one is harder to manufacture.

Specs aren’t clear right now, but they’re likely high end. Hopefully the device looks better than the prototype we saw recently leaking from Taiwan, looking like a beefy e-reader.