Just yesterday we saw a benchmark leak of the HTC Desire T7 tablet and today its wings are being cut by leakster @upleaks. He claims that the product has been cancelled, not that this surprises us, coming from HTC.


The device was recently spotted in the Zauba import/export files, meaning it’s been imported to India for testing. Well, it was actually imported last summer, so it was a bit of a prototype testing. Desire T7 seemed to be a midrange affair, judging by the GFXBench leak, with a 6.9 inch 720p display, 16 GB of storage and 1 GB of RAM.


It was rumored to be priced below $200 and judging by the pictures published by the same @upleaks, it would have been one of the few new slates with colourful designs. It just seems that HTC and tablets aren’t meant to be. HTC Flyer didn’t quite move mountains, Nexus 9 was a letdown and now this…