With so many tablet announcements popping up lately, we’re expecting HTC to announce a similar slate any day now. Apple broke the ice with the iPad, generating impressive sales, but we’ve yet to see an Android tablet to perform as well as Android smartphones do. HTC told Pocket-Lint.com recently that it intends to launch a product of this kind, but it doesn’t want to rush it to the market.

It will use a compelling form factor, a compelling feature, and… compelling story, or at least that’s what the Taiwanese company wants. There is no way that they’ll fall in the iPad clone trap, so HTC must find a way to differentiate its product. It could be cheaper, it could be more powerful (CPU wise)… who knows?

What we’re sure of is that HTC can release a great Android tablet, even if it means increasing the screen size of a HTC HD2 or HTC EVO 4G and simply launching that on the market.

[via htcpedia]