We knew that after the HP TouchPad was priced at an incredible $100, developers started working intensely on a Honeycomb port for the device. That would have made it the cheapest Android 3.x tablet on the market and a really appealling product. Well, now HP is reporting that some of its TouchPad units shipped with Android…

At least one such unit was delivered to a customer with a Qualcomm-based Android build, instead of webOS 3.0. Even HP was surprised by this, so imagine how confuse everyone is. However, the US PC maker promised to look into the situation and investigate it. They also confirmed that HP never authoried the distribution of Android on the TouchPad.

This makes us wonder where the product could have come from, if not from a HP factory. I know that people were selling some Android-based Touchpads on eBay, so maybe one of them reached its customer through a messed up channel. Also, which developer group can we thank for the Android port?

  • This actually happened almost a month ago.  The Android version on the TouchPad was from a Qualcomm internal developer build   At least two have been come forward showing their Android TouchPads on ebay.  There was no ‘developer group’.  It was a Qualcomm in house demo build.  Read more at http;//touchpadforums.com