And here we are yet again with a rumor related to the Google 7 inch Nexus tablet… this time it talks about its shipping date. The new 7 inch slate is rumored to be shipping next month, with an initial volume of 600,000 units, if the usual insiders are to be believed.

Everyone seems pretty sure now that Asustek is the partner that helped Google with the new tablet and we’re supposed to expect a market release in July. Next month we’ll also witness the debut of the I/O event, where Google will showcase Android 5.0 Jellybean, supposedly. The new tablet from Google will be a 7 inch entry level model and originally this product was supposed to debut this month, but design and costs didn’t match expectations, so adjustments had to be performed.

The total shipments for this product are expected to be at around 2-2.5 million units this year. The price of the device is still a mystery, but it’s rumored to be in the range of $200, some even saying it could go as low as $150. If you wonder where all this info comes from, it’s the upstream supply chain sources.