HP TouchPad was launched in early July and welcome with a bunch of not so favorable reviews. Moving on from that, now the webOS 3.0 slate gets some special prices on Amazon and Best Buy. We’re talking about a $489.99 price tag for the 16GB WiFi only model.

Meanwhile, we’ve found out that there’s a 4G version in the making, probably with many improvements from the original unit, following its critique. The 32GB TouchPad now costs $572.65, with a mere 5% reduction and similar offers were applied by Best Buy, that offers the 32GB unit with a $20 discount, thus selling it for $579.99.

The slate is below the iPad 2 in pricing, bu the product is not that appealing… Meanwhile, the TouchPad 4G will come in the “back to school” time frame and it will get HSPA+ and a boost in CPU (to 1.5GHz) as bonus. Will you get the first TouchPad with its reduced price or the 4G one?