After HP took the price of the TouchPad tablet down to $100, many saw this as an opportunity to get the cheapest Honeycomb tablet of the moment. How? By paying the price for the TouchPad and porting Android 3.x on it. Well, this has been taking place for days, with results being unstable builds so far.

An example of a pretty successful port is the dual boot into Android 2.3.5 and webOS from the video below. This shows the operating systems working on the TouchPad and there’s already a team fully dedicated to this purpose: Team Touch DROID. For the dual boot to take place, the device must be connected to a PC in order to receive the commands you enter manually.

Team Touch DROID wants to enable touchscreen and hardware acceleration for Android, to enhance the experience provided on this model. The development has been going smoothly, considering they started a week or so ago and a version for the general public is expected soon enough. The question is: do you prefer dual boot or straight Android 2.3.5? And what about Honeycomb?