HP bought Palm in 2010 and risked a lot through that purchase, since they basically cancelled the existence of the company and killed off its projects. Some leftovers of WebOS are still twitching, but how long does HP intend to stay away from mobile? Well, there’s a fresh rumor now that HP may get back into the tablet and phone biz with Android.


Sources speaking to ReadWrite have confirmed that direction. HP could try to strike emerging markets to test the success of their products, but they could come up with a serious lineup. The same source says that Nvidia Tegra is the platform of choice for the upcoming devices. HP must get in the post PC game fast, since they’re already not the biggest PC maker, so what’s left? In the laptop area they still matter a bit, but the notebooks are being killed by tablets.

I find it hard to believe that printers alone keep the company floating, but that’s pretty much how it is. How does an Android Key Lime Pie tablet with Tegra 4 on board and made by HP sound? The only thing I’m afraid they can mess up is the design…