Apple is caught in a lengthy and annoying battle with Chinese company Proview, that claims it has the trademark on the name iPad. That, in spite of the fact that a subsidiary of the Chinese company sold the trademark to Apple years ago. Now, the Hong Kong Court is siding with Apple and things get interesting.

There were talks about an agreement based on cash between Apple and Proview, but that didn’t seem to follow through. Apparently, Proview didn’t like the Apple settlement fee, since it was too low. So, now the Chinese firm is looking at suing Apple for $400 million in damages, but that may not happen, since the courts in Hong Kong sided with Apple on this one and said the evidence broguht by Proview should be excluded. I’m talking about part of the evidence here and we have no idea if Proview will appeal the decision or not. ..

Just so you know, Proview doesn’t basically exist anymore, it has no employees and no HQ, plus a mountain of debt. Their claim is that although the iPad name was transferred to Apple it wasn’t done formally and legally the trademark is theirs. The battle still goes on and I see little way for Proview to win this one.