This week the word was out that Microsoft was preparing to add more live tiles to the Windows Phone experience, making the interface look better on displays with larger and higher resolutions. Today we get a mockup that appeared on wpcentral, after being rendered by one of their readers.

Full HD on Large Device

The idea is that he created a phablet concept, one made by either Samsung or Nokia and packing a 5+ inch display, something that hasn’t been accomplished yet in the world of Windows Phone. RafK made these devices, after playing with Photoshop a bit and I have to say he did a reasonably good job.

He placed the Windows Phone revamped UI on the Galaxy Note and showed us how tiles could fit on a 5.5 inch diagonal. The other device is more of a Nokia, from what I can see, one with a Full HD screen from what I understood from the concept. With all the recent rumors of a Nokia Juggernaut phablet and Huawei probably wanting to jump on this bandwagon as well, I’d be surprised if Windows Phone Blue didn’t bring us bigger diagonals.

Full HD Lumia