While Apple is currently getting ready for the commercial launch of its first smartwatch called Apple Watch, device that will also get a gold plated version that will be kept secure in safe-deposit boxes, the rumors arrived on the web are still talking about a possible launch of an iPad Pro tablet with a 12.9-inch display and improved processor.


(Image via macrumors.com)

As we can deduct from these leaks, the new iPad tablet won’t be designed for usual consumers, but rather for the business environment, location where such a device with big display is more appreciated by the companies instead of a tablet made for gaming or web browsing.

A few clues about this iPad Pro tablet we received last week when Tim Cook said that at the moment its products are used in small percentages inside enterprises, a society where big Windows tablets are seen as an extension of the PC, and not like iPads that are used as extensions for smartphones.

Tim Cook also said that it sees an opportunity in the business environment, place where Apple could set its footprint and change the way people are working. Even if this tablet is in the rumor stage, we might get a dedicated stylus, a Quad HD panel and also 4 speakers.