There are several companies ready to bid for BlackBerry, that is up for sale apparently, although recently they’ve been aided financially by a financing company. Among the bidders we find big names like Google and Samsung, but also stranger candidates like Intel.


If you ask me, being bought by another company is the only way BB will afford to make more tablets. We praised the first PlayBook in our review here, but since then the company’s slates have been pretty much nonexistent. The market is in need of a solid enterprise tablet and Microsoft just won’t do it anymore.

BlackBerry is a popular handset among state officials and those may need a tablet some day, to fulfill their needs. Google now offers a solid email and cloud package, that could be reinforced by BlackBerry’s huge servers and services. Also, BB has some interesting patents to offer, yet another reason for the purchase. By the way, BB 10 OS is not bad at all and would look great on the big screen… So, Samsung or Google?