During a recent interview of Eric Schmidt with Italian paper Corriere della Sera, the Google official said that in the next 6 months we’ll see a tablet “of the highest quality”. I’m not going to jinx it by saying that it’s finally the iPad killer we all wanted, but it might finally be it, folks! I’m expecting Motorola to make it, since the company has been bought by Google after all and maybe they deserve a quality product after those poor Xooms.

Notice that Eric Schmidt said that Google will “market” a tablet and not “build”, so it will resort to a hardware partner. It would be a surprise not to see Android on it, but stranger things have happened and in the end we might get surprised by a Chrome OS device. It would be a pity for Google to have its own flagship Nexus line of phones and no flagship tablet. Also, it’s a pity to see that the best selling Android tablet is a slate that doesn’t even feel like Android material, the over customized Kindle Fire from Amazon.

Google could still surprise us and go with Samsung, considering they make very nice tablets and have all the reason to get even with Apple, but their past problems may scare Google away from working with them so closely. Meanwhile, let me remind you that Google has been working on its very own Siri alternative, apparently called Majel. We’ll get back to that story once we have more info, but right now I’m drooling at the perspective of a Nexus tablet, especially if it comes with a Retina-like display, quad core CPU and maybe a newer Android.