A new device that recently showed up on the market is the Project Tango tablet too, a device developed by no one else but Google. As you may know, this slate offers a 3D mapping feature that allow users to see the enviroment in 3D right on their tablet.


Recently, the guys from iFixit took this tablet for a tear down, revealing a truly unique sensor array. Even if it looks like a Kinect at first, Google notes that it had Mantis Vision build a custom infrared projector that bathes the world in a light grid. This infrared works in tandem with the 4-megapixel IR camera.


The battery is a 2.480 mAh unit that offers developers the possibility to draw as much power as necessary for their 3D apps. As a little conclusion, it seems that the Google Project Tango tablet is definitely a great device, but if you once drop it on the floor you can forget about getting the replacement parts for a cheap price, or the work needed to fix it.