During this week’s Google I/O 2022 event Google also hinted at a brand new tablet that it was making, with a Tensor CPU inside. The Tensor was inaugurated by the Google Pixel 6 last year and it’s going to get a new version on the Pixel 7 in the fall.

Google abandoned the tablet area a few years ago, after the Pixel Slate flopped. Now it’s showing interest towards the format again, first through the Android 12L platform, a version of OS built with the large and foldable screen in mind. As you can see in the image above, during I/O 2022 Google teased such a device (Google Pixel Tablet), with an iPad-like design of the edges (older iPads) and also a singular camera.

Right now The Big G is only able to offer a preview of the machine and it will launch it next year. The closer Google has gotten to making a tablet is the series of Nest Hub devices with screens. We also heard they were working on a detachable Nest, which was part tablet, part smart speaker. Google’s success in the tablet field ended about a decade ago with the Nexus 7, which was a huge hit.

I remember playing The Dark Knight Rises on it and having a blast. In the meantime, the Nexus 10, Pixel C and Pixel Slate couldn’t make a dent in the segment ruled by Apple. Samsung keeps on keeping on and even Huawei and Lenovo have some clout here.