Up until now, the iPad was the favourite tablet to integrate in top notch cars, but now there are more alternatives. One of them is the Nexus 7 slate, that has just been integrated into a Dodge Ram, as shown below. A car modifier did that and created a kickass in-dash holder for his 2008 Dodge Ram, that will now host the tablet.

The charger and audio output have been linked to the tablet as well. The modifier himself claims that lots of iPad installs are being done these days on vehicles, but the Nexus 7 is cheaper and a pretty good alternative for in car use, navigation and media playback. The music app is actually a breeze to use, even when in the front seat of a car. Google Maps is a also a nifty idea and since it’s not available on iOS now, you’ll find on the Nexus 7 in its latest version.

Of course, you can switch to other mapping apps. The audio output from the tablet’s headphone jack goes into an Audison Bit One audio controller. There’s an equalizer offered by this device and you can even download a special app for that on the Nexus 7 if you want. Will you pimp your car with an Android tablet or would you rather go with the iPad? Or maybe a Windows 8 slate?