Google’s Office apps have finally received support for iOS 9’s split view, after almost a year from the debut of this feature on the iPads. Split screen multitasking was actually one of the most liked features in iOS 9.


It made tablets more usable for multitasking purposes, aside from the usual switching between apps. Apple’s native iPad apps were updated for this iOS 9 feature, but Google’s fell behind. Google Docs, Sheets and Slides finally catch up, letting you edit documents, tweak spreadsheets and perform presentations on the go, in split screen view.

Swiping in from the side of the iPad screen while using Google Docs will pull a sidebar, that shows the second app. If you drag the divide further, it will split the screen in two. Portrait orientation lets you split the screen 60/40, while landscape offers you a 50/50 option and a 70/30 one. Sadly, you can’t have two of the same app open in split screen, so you can only work with different apps.

Keep in mind that Microsoft Word and Apple Pages have been offering these features for quite a while now..