Since this year isn’t going to bring us a new Surface Pro or Surface Book, reserved for 2017 apparently, we may as well dwell on prototype shots. What you see below is a series of prototypes of Microsoft’s hardcore laptop.


Microsoft’s Ralf Groene, the head of the design for the company’s hardware division posted said image, showing a variety of attempts at creating the notebook. It seems that the fulcrum hinge gave quite a bit of trouble, but ended up as the iconic form factor the device. In the end it may not stick, since the Surface Book 2 is said to adopt a different type of hinge design.

The new one will allow the display and keyboard to be flush when the laptop is closed. Right now, the segmented fulcrum mechanism curves a bit and leaves room between the screen and keyboard. We also see a bunch of accessories here and a bigger touchpad, that’s not exactly sexy.