Google continues to expand the functionality of the Google Pixel C tablet, even thought it’s been available for a while now and other companies would have neglected some of its updates. Google Assistant is for example available on the device and yes, I know it’s very late to the party.

Other Android tablets already had this solution installed for a while now, so it was bound to come here. Google Assistant has been on Pixel phones from the start and then it spread like wilfdire to many devices, even including speakers, headphones and appliances. The Pixel C was an odd duck lacking support for it. From what I hear, Google Lens isn’t supported yet, which is no surprise, seeing how it has just reached non Pixel phones.

At least you can use the Assistant in landscape mode, where other tablets would require a portrait mode. Why did Google leave the Pixel C without Assistant for so long? Well, it’s a 3 year old slate, it didn’t sell very well, let’s face it and it was pricey for a long time. We’re now waiting on Google I/O and a new generation of Google Assistant, perhaps also a new generation of Pixel C Tablet, who knows?

Even the iPads had the Google solution, by the way.