We all know that publicly Apple attacked Google a bunch of times, especially when Steve Jobs promised thermonuclear war against Android. Then came the pile of lawsuits against Android hardware partners like Samsung or HTC, with the former already having to pay $1 billion for losing the suit regarding infringed patents.

The two executives from Google and Apple had a phone conversation last week, according to sources. Lower level officials are also discussing on regard of the patents and it could be possible for the two giants to reach an agreement. Imagine if HTC had to pay $1 billion… that would have put them out of the Android game for good and out of the smartphone business as well. Samsung doesn’t feel the billion, since they’re huge, but others are more vulnerable.

Right now Google is also paying Microsoft royalties for each Android phone sold, so they may end up doing the same with Apple, if they agree to cooperate and not fight them. Considering Google’s motto is “don’t be evil”, I guess they’ll go with diplomacy, unless Apple strike first. It was clear that Samsung was attacked to injure Google and Android in fact, I have no doubt about that. Will they Americans end this tech civil war?