There’s a fresh update for the Gmail app floating around the Play Store and we’ve found it brings some interesting updates to the software. That includes a bunch of Ice Cream Sandwich features that will make it to Honeycomb tablets.

Android 3.2 users will get the Android 4.0 Gmail experience, including the ability to swipe to move between newer and older conversations, tap your account to access Recent labels and set custom notifications for individual labels. You can also sync the last 30 days of messages, so you can read and search messages faster, online and offline. Froyo and Gingerbread also get some minor changes, stuff like new labels API for 3rd party app developers and performance enhancements.

As usual, I recommend you post some feedback if you found something interesting in the app. You have the comments section below and I’m happy to see that at least the Google apps are getting updates, especially on the tablets that are having a hard time with the delay of Android 4.0 ICS.