Samsung is about two weeks away from a big event that’s meant to showcase us the foldable device it has been preparing for so long. That should take place on November 7th and the so called Galaxy F should come there. In the meantime we have a look at a patent showing the Samsung flexible tablet design of the future.

We’ve also seen recently a foldable laptop idea from Samsung and over the past year it’s been raining with foldable phone ideas. Lenovo also teased foldable laptops lately, so the things are moving. The brand new patent shown here was filed in April 2018 at the USPTO by Samsung Display and it was published in October 11th. Samsung shows a large device with a flexible display, able to bend inwards and outwards.

The tablet is backed by a metal area, like an aluminum-magnesium alloy. It could be folded closed to protect the display or folded open to use the device as a tablet. You could also fold it outwards to use a smaller screened version of it, maybe a phone. Samsung already showcased a 14 inch rollable OLED panel earlier this year, with a right turn radius that would make it perfect for such a project.

It’s not very clear or known if Samsung will use the design or not, but what’s sure is that Samsung Display technology will be employed. Expect to learn more during the Samsung Developer Conference on the 7th to 8th November 2018.