The 12 inch Maxi iPad has been the topic of speculations for at least a year now, as Apple is believed to be ready to deliver a tablet alternative to the MacBook, as a much bigger slate. Now we find out that a 12+ inch iPad might actually be tested right now at Foxconn.


The Apple 12.9 inch iPad is expected to be released next year and a report is saying that tests are already happening at Foxconn and that the product is coming in March next year. As usual, we advise you to take everything with a grain of salt, if possible. However, the latest leaks concerning Apple tablets, especially the iPad Air, since all the components that hit the web were the real deal.

Pretty soon we may be seeing parts of the iPad Maxi, maybe the screen panel, maybe the body or maybe a cool keyboard accessory to really grant it the status of MacBook replacement. Apple is always experimenting with new formats, since we’ve also heard of them trying a 4.8 inch and 5.8 inch iPhone after all…