Foxconn is a player so big that partnering with Apple for its iDevices wasn’t enough and they had to invest in the future of BlackBerry. Now they’re cashing in big time on the iPads and iPhones of the world. Let’s see how…


Foxconn is the company who makes the iPhones and iPads out there and while the parts integrated into the products come from varied suppliers, the assembly goes down in a mega plant in Taiwan. Hon Hai Precision, parent company of Foxconn grew 13% in profit in 2013 alone, courtesy of the iPhone and iPad sales.

Wall Street Journal claims that Hon Hai earns more than 40% of its revenue from Apple and it’s relying on them for their growth. The company registered a net profit of $3.5 billion from the same time last year. Pegatron is yet another company working with Apple and they got a 22% increase in profits for the fourth quarter. Pegatron was the main maker of the iPhone 5c, for example.