The series of incidents happening at Chinese company Foxconn doesn’t seem to end… Now they’ve dealt with an explosion at the iPad 2 manufacturing plant, that left 2 killed and 16 injured. This comes after a series of string suicides and product leaks.

The explosion was followed by a fire in the same building and if you want specific dates and time, know that the incident took place at approximately 7 pm on May 20, in the Chengdu campus. Medics are treating the injured right now and the fire has been brought under control. Investigations are taking place right now, with the full cooperation of Foxconn.

Production has been stopped at the site of the fire and it seems that the smoke coming out of the factory was toxic, while the explosion was caused  by “super light dust”, although no official statement has been issued on that. Hopefully, we won’t see such sad events happening again…

  • Petcomputer

     oh no! all those xbox 360’s going up in smokes!