The Sony VAIOs have always been very good looking devices that were also pricey, much like Apple’s products. Now it turns out that those devices were actually closer to Apple than you’d think. A former Sony president discusses the way that Steve Jobs almost convinced him to run OS X on the Vaio devices.


Turns out that back in 2001 he had a meeting with Jobs in Hawaii and played a round of golf or two with him. Apparently Jobs and another executive were waiting for the Sony official at the end of the golf course holding a VAIO with Mac OS on board. Apparently, Apple’s CEO admired the Vaio line very much, but the timing for Mac OS implementation was bad.

Windows was really taking off on laptops and the negotiations with Apple didn’t lead to anything. The relationship between Sony and Apple has been well documented and for example, the way Steve Jobs dressed was inspired by a Sony official he had visited many years ago. And today Sony is rumored to sell the VAIO line to another company…