This week’s biggest tech event is Lenovo Tech World 2016, where Lenovo unveiled a series of devices and technologies that are very interesting. The most unusual one is pictured below and it’s a foldable phone, showcased together with a foldable tablet.

Smartphone Pliabil (4)

During the demos at the show we saw the smartphone morphing from handset into smartwatch and being worn at the wrist. The tablet that was also showcased comes with a 10 inch display and folds down the middle, thus becoming a regular phablet. Interestingly when the demo happened, the phone that was placed at the wrist did a cracking sound, but didn’t break.

Smartphone Pliabil (1)

The folding tablet was showing cat faces and continue to to do, then it was placed next to the ear to make a call. I didn’t see a big hinge or seam here, so that’s nice. A flexible device requires a flexible battery, components and motherboard, so that’s why the device is still in concept phase. Expect more details over the next weeks.

Smartphone Pliabil (6)