In spite of the whole Steve Jobs-Adobe conflict on the Flash matter, people would still like Flash to work on their iPads, that sold over 2 million units by the way. Developers would also be happy to witness this improvement and there has been a recent update on such a fortunate port. Apparently Smokescreen is a browser plugin that pulls apart SWF binaries and reassembles into an Apple-friendly format.

Now, the folks of Artefact Group have followed this innovation with a piece of coding of their own, working on a service called Flash In a Pinch. At the moment, this service is a proof-of-concept and we learn that Flash is rendered on Artefact’s servers, streaming the images to the iPad user’s Safari browser.

A Javascript layer is laced on top of the content and the touch interactions are sent to the server, making the experience interactive, as you can see in the following video. For now, the system is pretty slow and there’s no sound, but we bet it’ll evolve into something interesting.

[via Engadget]