Mozilla has just announced a special Firefox app for Honeycomb and we sure wish more companies would be doing stuff like that. The browser comes with a bunch of new features that aren’t found in the stock browser available on a classic Honeycomb slate.

For example, you get a Honeycomb theme in Firefox, including the back button and the tab shape. Also, the Awesomebar made the cut, but one might notice that the tabs have been moved to the left side, for search results to show up more easily. The tabs have also been improved, allowing you to switch between them with ease, but with different modes of display, depending on portrait or landscape orientation.

Mozilla also allows users of the Honeycomb Firefox to scroll through tabs using the left thumb, while scrolling down through the content using the right finger. I’ve seen this trend a lot lately, mostly in newspaper apps and mostly on the iPad, to be honest. Also, this feat was present in the email app on HP TouchPad.