If you’re looking for a quality E-ink E-book reader, look no further than the Energy Book 2061, an Energy System device using Vizplex screen technology. The e-reader is compatible with most file formats, like ePUB, FB2, PDF and it consumes very little energy, allowing the user to read for weeks with a single charge.

The 6 inch E-ink screen is great, since it doesn’t reflect light, it mimics the look of paper an it’s harmless for your eyes. Energy Book 2061’s display supports a 800 x 600 pixel resolution and 16 level of greyscale. 100 classics of universal literature in Spanish, French and English are included, as well as the ability to play MP3 files.

64MB of internal memory can also be found on board and you can use an SD/SDHC card for more storage space. The interface is multilingual and user-friendly and the e-reader also features page-marking, zoom, book search and comes with an image viewer. Beneath the case there’s a Samsung ARM9 CPU and the device should retail for 257 EUR.

[via energysystem]