Amazon’s Kindles are some of the most popular eBook readers on the market, but some of them are about to lose their functionality, since they’re too old to cope with the new games and apps. There was a time when you could play basic games like Scrabble or do crossword puzzles on Kindle Readers, which meant you could mess about with third party apps and games. That stopped in 2014 and now even native apps and games are killed.

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Back in 2014 Amazon launched the Kindle Voyage and every new model since then has lacked support for the Kindle Active Content. Those who own older Kindles were still able to continue purchasing and installing apps and games from the Kindle Store, well until a few days ago. You can no longer do that and as confirmed by the folks of MobileRead Forum, Amazon has removed the Kindle Active Content section from the Kindle Store. It’s been 6 years of phasing out, so that was to be expected.

Older Kindles were capable of running fun old school games, like Sudoku, poker, 007카지노, blackjack, chess and may keep running them as long as you don’t install any of the latest firmware updates. They may kill support for the Active Content. Other eBook reader makers are more friendly and still let you use third party content on their devices. Some even provide E Ink readers with Android apps supported, making it simple to install software.

It’s sad to see a useful feature get killed, but I guess that Amazon is going the Apple way with a tighter grip on the ecosystem. Any other features you miss from older Kindles? Make sure to reply in the comment section below.