When a product is not doing that good by itself, it could well use accessories. Such is the case with Microsoft’s Surface tablet, that is getting some lovely accessories called Ears, recently proposed as a Kickstarter initiative.


That’s a simple way to boost the volume levels of the MS slate and no, it’s not a high tech gimmick, but rather simple acoustics. These are little silicone pieces that redirect the sound and enhance its volume naturally, plus redirect the sound so it comes towards the listener. Usually the sound is projected from the side, affecting the volume.


Ears can boost the sound levels by about 10 decibels, which is pretty good. Financing is going well, with $5,057 already pledged from the $5,500 goal, with 20 days to go. Ears are very small and lightweight and they won’t interfere with the use of the Surface tablet. They also won’t fall off if you move the tablet or even hold it upside down.

More details on the Kickstarter page here.