People have been working on getting the latest flavor of Android (or even an older one) on the Amazon Kindle Fire ever since the $200 came out… Now some progress has been made and we’re promised that starting this weekend we’ll get CyanogenMod 7 on the Kindle Fire tablet.

Last I heard, XDA Developer forum user JackpotClavin was on the job and detailing the progress of the software customization and tweaks. Breakthroughs have been made and by Sunday night we’ll have the sweet golden CyagenonMod 7 ready to take the Kindle Fires by storm. The problem till now was getting the touchscreen to function correctly, especially when it comes to orientation.

Later on he announced that WiFi still had some problems, scrolling was sluggish sometimes and automatic brightness was not configured just yet. A recent update on the forum showed that every hurdle has been cleared and we’re ready to receive the Android hotness on our Kindle tablets. Can you imagine paying $200 for a dual core tablet that at some point will even receive Ice Cream Sandwich? I feel bad for the people who pay or paid $500 for a similar device…

  • Pickle2345

    Wife is chewing at the bit for this mod. Lets keep her happy or one may be attending a funeral soon (mine).