It’s clear now: the most delayed products of the year end are the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the ASUS Transformer Prime. Both have been moved around the calendar a lot and this problem is getting very annoying. Now Amazon gives us some more bad news: it has cancelled the quad core ASUS tablet preorders, citing lack of availability.

This may mean that either the device sold out its initial units, or it has problems and the units were withdrawn from retail channels. The device was launched in Taiwan on December 1st and it was supposed to also come to the USA this month and to Europe in January. It will be less than a week till the States receive their batch of Tegra ASUS slates and let’s hope that delays won’t appear once again…

I wonder if it’s supply problems that Amazon is facing on this front, or some last minute tweak of the tablet, required by ASUS. The tablet was supposed to come in August, then it got delayed to October and then to November. Now we’re in December and things aren’t very clear… Will we actually get to buy the ASUS Transformer Prime at Christmas time?

  • Pickle2345

    Retailers should discount the individuals that order items in advance when the supplier pushes back the shipping date from that which they originally promised. Retailers could collect this loss by putting such a clause in their contract agreement up front with manufacturers or suppliers.