Now here’s an example of pure lack of responsability, as a copilot was suspended after being caught playing on an iPad while the plane was dropping 5000 feet in the sky. And that while the pilot had dozed off for a bit. I frankly don’t know whose behavior is worse…


As you know, most of the flight manuals have been replaced by iPads over the past years and the temptation to use one for purposes non related to flight is big. Jet Airways pilots are the ones in question here and they’re both suspended. The flight that almost had a bad fate was taking place between Mumbai and Brussels. Turkish air traffic controllers noticed the plan was taking a sharp dive and it almost reached an altitude assigned to another plane, so they alerted the copilot.

The pilot was on a scheduled break, but was awaken and quickly regained control of the flight. Being an iPad gamer myself and having played my share of addictive games, I have to say it takes some self control to stay away from Angry Birds, Candy Crush and Temple Run. However, when the fate of hundreds of people is in your hands, you’d better stay away from gaming for a bit.