We’ve been writing about the Chuwi LapBook Air for a while now, as the thinnest laptop from Chuwi yet. It has gone through presales and teasers and today we learn more official info about it. This MacBook-ish machine is going to measure just 6 mm at its thinnest point.

It’s also said to be weighing just 1.3 kilograms. On board it’ll have a 14.1 inch Full HD IPS display. Chuwi just revealed this week that the machine will have 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage and it should also bring an M.2 SSD expansion slot, for even more storage. We don’t have a final price or launch date, but a debut is expected over the next few weeks.

I spot full USB ports on the sides of the Chuwi LapBook Air and I’m expecting maybe a Core M CPU inside, maybe even a Core i. Generation 6 or 7 chipsets are pretty much a given and I can’t tell for sure if the keyboard is backlit or not. The trackpad seems rather generous and as shown by the pics, Windows 10 is preinstalled. Price this anywhere around $300 and it’s a winner.

I’m guessing that the whole 8 GB RAM thing won’t happen on all models, just a few of them.