It’s no doubt that MediaTek is a powerful solution for CPUs and also an affordable one. We’ve tested an ASUS slate with such a CPU inside and we were very happy with it. It appears that many white box tablet makers have made the switch to MediaTek solutions, seizing the opportunity.


Their new models are using the quad core MT8125 and MT8135 processors and it appears that the big brand tablet makers inspired the smaller ones to take action. Up until now companies like Allwinner and Rockchip have supplied CPUs to the white box makers, but now there’s a fresh alternative, MediaTek.

Seeing how big companies like Acer, ASUS or Lenovo are entering the sub $150 tablet area with Mediatek-based tablets, they had to react in order to stay in the business. This will push MediaTek to higher popularity and the cashflow will be invested into R&D, making them solid rivals to Qualcomm, if everything goes well. Will they succeed?