If you checked out our reviews of the first Nook tablet and the ones of Amazon tablets, you’ll notice we seem to prefer the Nook. A while back Barnes & Noble seemed to be having some problems and gave up the Nook tablet series, announcing the interruption of production. Or did they?


Now there’s a fresh rumor about a fresh e-reader or Nook tablet, according to insiders. Maybe it’s the changes inside the company that worked, including a replacement of the CEO and some other measures to remove the financial issues. Barnes & Noble blamed their lack of profit on the lacking of successful book series, like Hunger Games for example or 50 Shades of Grey.

We’re not yet sure in what form or shape we’ll see a new Nook tablet, but I remind you that Microsoft invested a big in this company and they may want to pick the fruit of their investment through a buyout or maybe a Windows 8 slate. To me, an e-reader sounds more likely right now….