Android tablets are so widespread nowadays, that they come in all shapes and sizes. However, there are times when their interfaces aren’t satisfying, so custom ROMs come in. Today we’re going to detail a launcher, the Chameleon, that you can see pictured below.

Chamelon is a very customizable home screen for Android, that runs only on tablets and requires Android 3.2 or higher. It offers full featured widgets, that look very pretty and gets rid of all the clutter from the screen. Just like other custom UIs, Chameleon allows the user to arrange and set unlimited numbers of home screens with varied widgets. You can make a custom home screen for the office, one for fun and one for home use. You can also make the launcher switch your home screen when you change your GPS location and leave the office to go home.

An example given by the maker of this launcher is the Morning Home screen, that’s created based on a time range specified by the user. During that time frame the tablet will display news, social feeds, the weather and your schedule for the day. Then there’s the Office mode, where Chameleon will recognize when you’re at the office and display a Work screen. That organization in vertical columns reminds me a bit of MeeGo, that’s not a bad thing, since MeeGo is a cool OS.