Google Assistant machines are a big deal at this year’s CES and those include smart speakers and even some devices that could easily be called tablet-speaker hybrids. One such model blurring the lines is the Lenovo Smart Display, just unveiled at CES 2018.

It’s a 8 or 10 inch machine, which has a lovely wooden back side. There’s a 10 watt speaker integrated, which is one of the main features of the machine and this product also lets you place calls, watch YouTube or perform other productivity tasks. You can cook using recipes shown on the screen and the price is $199 for the 8 inch version or $249 for the 10 inch model.

Inside there’s Qualcomm SDA 624 CPU, which is supposed to be the equal of a high end smartphone CPU from a few years ago. The chip is part of the Qualcomm Home Hub platform and the Lenovo Smart Display also brings a minimalistic design, with a black and white front and bamboo back. It’ll be available early this summer. The smaller version has a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, while the bigger one has a 1920 x 1200 pixel res.

They share the same specs otherwise and also have built in 720p cameras. They also have digital picture frame functionality, WiFi and Bluetooth of course. It’s interesting to me that you can use the device both vertically and horizontally.