Panasonic took the opportunity of the CES 2013 participation and unveiled an interesting (and huge) device: a 20 inch 4K Windows 8 tablet with less than 0.5 inches in thickness and stylus input. The device is destined for professionals and a promo video that Panasonic showed featured a photographer describing how the product helps him.


The tablet has stylus input and it’s very thin and light considering the diagonal. Similar products like the Wacom Cintiq need an external computer to work, so that’s why this model is so appealing, since it does all the work by itself. Pricing and availability are still unknown, but we expect the amount of money spent on this gizmo to be pretty big. We have yet to see a 4K tablet out there, although the Nexus 10 has a pretty impressive resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, but that’s not quite yet 4K.

Aside from the features mentioned above, the Panasonic 20 inch tablet will come with a real time cloud-based collaboration tool, that will be great for professionals. I could see this in offices and planning rooms for big companies, plus the likes of CIA and CSI, if we’re doing acronyms.