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2010, Dominated by Tablet PCs?

We're nearing the end of 2009 and with the arrival of 2010, we notice that more and more companies are getting ready to launch tablet PCs. From Apple to Dell and...

Microsoft Tablet Prototype “Codex”, the Concept for Courier

Wonder what Microsoft's R&D section came up with before creating the Courier booklet? Well, the prototype device was dubbed Codex and it can be checked out in the video below, if...

Microsoft’s Courier Gets Detailed; Interface Leaks

Microsoft's Courier booklet has once again been detailed, this time with a bunch of more plausible info. The device supports finger gestures, so if you pull out a one-finger tap-and-hold, you'll...

Microsoft Courier Mystery Tablet Gets Detailed

Remember Microsoft Courier, the Redmond company's mysterious tablet that surfaced on the web a couple of weeks ago? It might not be the best Apple tablet rival, but it's certainly more...

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