Handheld Linux PC is Basically a Raspberry Pi With iPhone Keyboard

Remember when everybody got excited about the MeeGo and Maemo projects from Nokia and the cool prototypes they ran on? That same vibe and feel is brought back by the concept...

Pear OS 8, a Version of the Linux OS is Coming to Microsoft Surface

David Tavares, who is the father of the Pear Linux project has announced the debut of a crowdfunding campaign that will give us the Pear OS 8 Tablet Edition. This is...

Ubuntu Showcases New Mobile and Desktop Icon Themes

Ubuntu's desktop experience has now been revamped together with the mobile one, through a new set of icons, among others. During a session held at the Virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit this...

Raspberry Pi Turns to Tablets, Customization is Great!

Raspberry Pi is probably the most popular DIY mini PC project from the past years and now the same board has generated a tablet. One of the geeks at Make built...

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