Lenovo Delays Skylight and U1 Hybrid Smartbook and Tablet-Notebook

One of the best-looking products at CES 2010, Lenovo Skylight and U1 Hybrid have just been pushed back, because their maker wants to equip them with Android. These are a smartbook...

Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid Netbook/Tablet… iPad Who?

Forget the iPad! The coolest tablet-netbook hybrid ever comes from Lenovo and it's so neat that you'll forget almost instantly that the Apple tablet ever existed. We're talking about the Lenovo...

Lenovo U1, a Netbook-Tablet Combo

The device pictured below is Lenovo's newest piece of machinery, the U1, a netbook with a removable tablet incorporated. This original device sports a convertible design, rounded edges and it runs...

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