HTC Magnum, Uber Smartphone or Tablet PC?

These days we've heard the name Magnum quite a bit, but not related to HTC, since it was a BlackBerry handset we've come across. Back to HTC, we've just discovered what...

HTC to Launch Android Tablets, Other Models that Run Chrome O

HTC is planning to get busy in 2010, not only by launching the huge number of smartphones in its leaked portofolio, but also a bunch of touch tablets. According to the...

HTC Evolve Tablet is a Cool Concept, Runs Android, Features OLED Display

Since HTC doesn't seem to join the gang of tablet-producing companies, we might as well feast on the shots of the HTC Evolve device pictured below. This is a concept tablet...

HTC to Launch a Tablet Before Apple Does?

As HTC HD2 was officially launched in Taiwan, the company's CEO, Peter Chou mentioned in an interview that the handset maker is still aiming to create a netbook. We take speculations...

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