Microsoft has been getting some decent coverage lately, unlike the usual press bashing. Today we learn that one more institution has grown fond of the Surface 2 tablet. We’re talking about a Canadian job training school, that ordered over 5800 Surface 2 tablets from MS.


The Surface 2 runs on Windows RT and it scored a very big order from the above mentioned Canadian institution. The 5800 tablets will be given to students this summer, within a pilot program with the tablet at the Ajax, Ontario campus. There’s another pilot program with the Surface 2 going on at the school’s Surrey, British Columbia location. Using these gadgets, students will be able to access course assignments online with the slate.

Teachers will be able to analyze the students’ performance in order to review it. Microsoft announced recently that for the first quarter of 2014, it generated 494 million dollars in revenue from Surface products, but the same division lost $45 million in the same time frame.  Microsoft has big expectations for the education segment related to its Surfaces.