Since the early days of passenger flight there has always been a controversy regarding the passenger use of electronic equipment during flight. Over time the rules have changed in multiple ways and may change for the better in the near future.


It is widespread known these days, especially by those who travel as often, that the use of mobile devices during flight is somewhat restricted with further interdiction depending on the flight company. In general all mobile devices should be turned off during takeoff and landing as to not cause interference when the flight equipment is most sensible. Though these rules are most strict, some choose to ignore them and it happens ever so often.

A recent New York Times report states that as soon as by early next year – 2014 we could benefit from a change of rules regarding the use of mobile equipment during flight. The FAA commissioned an industry group to study the issue of in-flight electronics and the results will be posted this year by the 31st of July. Representatives from Amazon, Boeing, the CEA, FCC, and others are currently heavy in testing and it is expected that the most accurate results will be provided. In the case that these do come out in a certain way, FAA may lift the restriction for turning off mobile equipment during takeoff and landing, with the condition that the flight mode is used.