The Android eco-system has grown very much lately and most top manufacturers have come to realize the importance of having the latest version of the OS on-board their device. Samsung is one of the few to offer updates at a good rate when a new version of the OS is announced.


For this year and with the release of Android Jelly Bean, Samsung has planed a bunch of updates for its devices, including some mid-end handsets and tablets that were released last year. So far only the flagship line-up has benefited from the manufacturer’s attention in terms of updates, though the Galaxy Tab 2 may be on the list of tablets to get at least two new updates from now.

The Galaxy Tab 2 is rumored from a well placed source to get the update to Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 soon enough. That is not all, as the same source claims that the tablet will also get Android 4.2.2 as an update, in the course of this year. The lates version of the OS, currently running on devices such as the Nexus 4 or the up-coming Galaxy S IV brings a bunch of new features, like lockscreen widgets, Daydream or notification toggles.