We’re used to Apple products getting low repairability scores from iFixit, so the latest teardown doesn’t exactly surprise us. They took the Retina iPad Mini for a spin and took it apart to see what’s inside and in the end it scored 2 out of 10 on the repairability scale.

ipad mini 2 teardown

The main problems here are the hidden screws that will be hard to find, the Lightning connector soldered to the logic board and the huge amounts of adhesive used for the front glass, battery, front camera, ribbon cables and more, as usual for Apple. This device is not exactly a shrunken iPad Air apparently and it comes with a very impressive and very big battery, a 24.3 Whr dual cell unit.


That’s a pretty impressive upgrade compared to the 16.3 Whr battery on the iPad Mini 1. You should also know that the Apple A7 processor inside the device is the low power version of the CPU from the iPhone 5S and not a lower end version of the iPad Air one. Toshiba handles the 16 GB NAND flash storage here and if you want even more battery details, know it’s a 3.75 V and 6471 mAh unit.

More details are found in the iFixit teardown in the source link below.