Amazon has been having a ball this Black Friday, reporting a 4X increase in Kindle sales over the last year. The Amazon Kindle Fire was the best selling product and a couple of other products such as the $79 Kindle or the $99 Kindle Touch performed admirably as well.

Dave Limp, Amazon Kindle VP says that a lot of customers have been buying more than one Kindle, so it means they intend to make them gifts or maybe get units for the entire family. The results have yet to come in, but I expect Cyber Monday to generate equally impressive results, setting the holiday season to a great start. Imagine how Amazon would perform on Xmas time!

A Target representative also said that on Black Friday the Kindle Fire was the best selling tablet in the Target Stores, so that says a lot about the potential of the $200 tablet that we’ve recently reviewed for you. Best Buy is also happy with the sales, also bringing the E Ink Kindles and their performance into discussion. Anyway, Amazon doesn’t quite care about sales, since they’re moving these slates at a loss… all they care about is getting their services and products out there!